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Intergenerational Program

TLC Healthcare’s latest development incorporates a residential aged care home alongside an early learning centre, community medical centre, commercial health club, swimming pool and café. This innovative new development is the first time this range of intergenerational care services have been offered in one location by a single provider.

A special synergy exists between children and seniors. Intergenerational programs bring different generations together to share knowledge, values, experiences and skills that are mutually beneficial and nurture positive relationships.

Our unique co-location gives us the opportunity to offer Such a program. The residents of Whitewater and the children of TLC Early Learning meet several times a week to share activities such as singing, reading, drawing and cooking.

Intergenerational projects have considerable benefits that include:

  • strengthening communities to become more age-friendly by breaking down barriers between ages
  • promoting understanding, respect, and sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experience
  • teaching the young about ageing while teaching the elderly about youth
  • establishing relationships that help diminish the impact of declining physical and mental health on older people
  • improving health outcomes and quality-of-life for the elderly
  • building self-esteem and satisfaction for both age groups through the learning of new skills